Motivational Monday: How to Stay Positive

MM: Positive Mind

You can transcend all negativity when you realize that the only power it has over you is your belief in it.  As you experience this truth about yourself you are set free.  -Eileen Caddy

What happens when our negative self-talk takes over?  When we can’t seem to get away from the constant chatter of “you’re not good enough, you’ll never be beautiful/handsome, you’re not successful enough,”  fill in the blank of whatever you say to yourself.

The biggest realization comes when you realize you are the one putting that message on repeat in your own mind.  Yes, someone might have made a comment that upset you, but the repetition of it and the belief of it, comes from YOU.  And guess what!?!  YOU have the power to change YOU. 

A friend recently posted on Facebook that she was having a hard time staying positive and did anyone have any advice.  There are thousands of self-help books out there on this topic alone, but here are a few things that I have found most helpful when that negative self-talk gets too loud:

  1. Ask for support.  Go to your spiritual teachers and ask them their advice.  I have found they can suggest a simple prayer or meditation that works wonders.
  2. Get moving.  Going for a walk or going to exercise does wonders.  It can clear the mind, plus being in nature is very grounding.  Scientifically speaking, moving and exercising releases endorphins which prevent depression.  And from a yogic and Chinese Medicine stand point, you are breathing deeply, which reduces grief.
  3. Eat live foods.  Eating too much sugar and drinking too much caffeine, starts to wear down the nervous system, which causes more stress and fatigue.  And we all know that when we are stressed and feeling fatigued, we are not our best selves.  So try eating live foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and plain Greek yogurt for probiotics.
  4. Positive affirmations.  This often is recommended and is very beneficial to help maintain a positive state.  When you fill your thoughts with positive affirmations, there is less room for the negative.  Personally, I have never been able to snap out of negative self-talk with positive thoughts alone, but affirmations help keep a positive tone to the day.
  5. LAUGH!  Laughing changes your posture, changes the muscles and the mind comes along for the ride.  In some of the yoga sets I teach, it is recommended to laugh for a few minutes.  I love when I teach a class with laughing.  Usually, people are hesitant at first and start out laughing at me, but then it turns into real laughter and often it is hard to stop.  You don’t need anything funny, just start laughing!

I pray all of you can find happiness everyday and most especially realize how you can set yourself free of negative self talk and become filled with happiness.  Blessings to you all.

What things do you do when you are feeling down, that helps bring you back to that positive state?


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