Motivational Monday: How do you dream?

Dream at day

I love this quote, mostly because it makes day dreaming seem like a noble task!  When reading from the masters of making dreams come true, they all say you need to be clear on what you want.  Before you do anything else, you need to decide exactly what your dream is.  This may seem easy, but it can be challenging!  But that is where the power of dreaming during the day comes into play.  Can you focus your mind during the day on exactly what you dream of and experience it as if it were happening now?  That is when you start planting the seed and laying the foundation.

Sometimes, I think there is a fear of what happens if what I dream doesn’t come to be in the future?  What if my dream is too big?  Impossible!  Go for it!  Even if your dream doesn’t come out exactly as planned, there will often be other things that arise that you never even thought of and you may love even more.  Plus it is your dream, you can change it, alter it, redesign it in any way you desire.  Just be clear when you are dreaming, it is the beginning of great things for you.

What are you going to dream about today?

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