Motivational Monday: Harness the Power of the Universe


The Universe will reward you for taking risks on its behalf.

-Shakti Gawain

I was reading through my old journal and was reminded of how much fear and doubt I had before taking our trip.  I doubted the idea, doubted leaving the “security” we had created for ourselves in North Carolina, doubted leaving a home we loved.  But the feeling of needing to follow a dream became so strong I couldn’t ignore it.  There is a pulling at your heart that you literally can’t ignore and can’t suppress, when you are being led to follow the Universe.

When you finally take that leap, there is a shift that occurs when you follow your heart and take risks.  You realize you can harness the power of the Universe to make dreams come true and the Universe will reward you.  Suddenly, you realize that you didn’t take a risk at all.  In fact, by pushing the boundaries of common beliefs of what you “should” be doing…settling down, owning a home, _______(insert whatever you feel pressured to do by society)…you realize you can make your own rules, which are WAY more fun!

When you step into the flow of trusting the Universe/God, the risks suddenly become lessons of faith.  You will be taken care of and things will work out.  In fact, life will be even better.  Once you experience the rewards of the Universe, you realize nothing is stopping you from living the life your heart longs to live.

Is the Universe asking you to take a risk on its behalf?  What is stopping you?


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