Motivational Monday: Happiness is the Way

MM: happiness is the way


The quote in the picture is from Dr. Wayne Dyer and strikes a cord for me.  Without a doubt I used to evaluate my life in terms of my achievements, how well I did in school, awards that I had achieved, how many patients I saw in a week.  I sought out attention through doing well and getting accolades.  And then something happened, it stopped working.  My achievements stopped bringing me happiness, something was missing.


Don’t evaluate your life in terms of achievements, trivial or monumental, along the way….

Instead, wake up and appreciate everything you encounter along your path.

Enjoy the flowers that are there for your pleasure.

Tune in to the sunrise, the little children, the laughter, the rain, and the birds.

Drink it all in….

there is no way to happiness;

happiness is the way.

–Dr. Wayne W Dyer


One of the best parts of this journey is being in happiness daily, even on those rough days…yes we still have those even though we are on this dream of a journey.  We have become more aware of our surroundings.  Just sitting in parks or resting in the grass on a sunny day is one of our favorite things, because we are tuning in to life around us.  Also, by taking time each day to write out 10 things we are grateful for helps us appreciate everything we encounter and the small things sometimes we forget to be thankful for in life.

In this search for happiness we have discovered that it has been there all along, we just were not always in tune with it.  We get busy and forget to see the beauty of life all around us.  By living simply, it allows you to focus more on life around you and enjoy all the moments.  We have already started thinking about how we will carry these lessons back into everyday life, when we return from Europe.  One of the best things we have learned is how little “stuff” you need, and how all the “stuff” really takes the focus off the important things in life, like family, friends and inspiring people that are put on your path.

Have you lost that feeling of happiness?  Take a moment and look around you, happiness is every where.  If you take notice you will find your world has provided you with gifts all around.  A flower blooming, a child laughing, a stranger smiling, a friend calling, gifts of happiness are there for you, all  you have to do is take notice.  We have also found it helps if you give thanks when you do notice them.

Happy Monday ya’ll!  Hope everyone enjoys their day.  And Happy Memorial Day to our US friends!  We hope everyone knows and feels the blessing that, Happiness IS the Way.

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