Motivational Monday: Fulfillment of the heart

Martin Luther King quote

Yesterday, as the sun was lowering itself in the sky.  We were walking the country paths, covered in chunks of stone and moss.  The silver green of olive trees surrounded us, with an occasional white blooming almond tree.  We passed open fields, with old trullo homes that have been left for ruin.  The dog, Milton, was yards ahead of us leading us through his world.  It was a simple moment of walking outside, next to the man I love.  It was a moment of unutterable fulfillment.  Silently captured in the heart.

It seems these moments multiply when you decide to live from heart center.  Choosing to be guided by the light within you, that shines from the center of the soul, the heart.

How can you live from heart-center today, everyday?  What inspires your heart?  What moves your soul?  May the pure light within you, guide your way on….

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