Motivational Monday: Explore, Dream, Discover

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This Mark Twain quote is in the book I am reading House of the Hanged by Mark Mills.  The book is set in Cavaliere, France and the surrounding areas.  So if you want to get a feel for the area we are in, it is a fun mystery that takes place in the early to mid-1900s.

We are only about 4 weeks into our journey and we have experienced more already than we ever imagined.  We have ended up in Belgium and the French Riviera, which was not planned at all.  We have set our sails and are going where the wind takes us.  I can still remember how scary it was to make the decision to leave our jobs, to sell our home, to go on this adventure.  But NOW, now it is obvious it was the best decision we ever made.  We are living life, loving life, enjoying life to it’s fullest.

We encourage you, if you have a dream, dream it.  Then set it sail and go, go, go with the wind.  It may seem scary at first, but you will only regret not doing it, as Mark Twain says.

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