Motivational Monday: Cultivate Happiness

Happiness is a habit

In America, we are bred to believe that everyone is happy and if we are not happy every second, we must be missing something.  This is brilliant for marketing because then we reach for external things to give us short-lived happiness.  The latest car, the latest fashion, the latest gadget, etc.

In fact I might change the quote to:

Internal happiness is a habit, cultivate it.

Internal happiness, the type of happiness that cannot be purchased, is what needs growing and cultivating.  Before we left, Jon and I had achieved the American dream, we had the nice house, the nice car, but internally something was missing.  Part of this journey has been about cultivating internal happiness.

The other day I looked in Jon’s eyes and told him how happy I am.  We find our happiness by being present in the moment and enjoying being in nature together.  And it is the type of happiness that is free.  Once you learn what internal happiness is, you must continue cultivating it.  We are still on the journey and still learning.  But so far it seems the greatest happiness comes from things that are free for everyone to enjoy…the birds chirping in the trees, a day at the beach listening to waves, chats with loved ones, breathing in crisp morning air and time together with those you love.


What will you do today to be happy?  What fills you internally, so that your smile shines happiness from within?


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