Motivational Monday: Child of the Universe

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I usually pick the quotes for Motivational Monday at random.  Not sure why this one came up today, but it must have been for a reason.  I would often do the same thing when I was teaching yoga.  I would open randomly to a yoga set with the intention it was the set that everyone in the class would need that day, often it was perfect.

The obvious part of the quote is that we are all special children on this beautiful place called earth.  And to realize the trees, the sky, the stars are equally important.  We are not superior to these beautiful creations, we are all part of the same creation.

We have a right to be here…how to interpret this without ego?  Not sure that I can, but I will give it a go.  Are there people or situations in your life that are taking advantage of your kind nature?  Or have you been arrogant recently, taking advantage of someone, just because you know they won’t say anything?  We all have the right to be here and to be treated well.

Or possibly a deeper meaning of living your purpose.  The trees lose their leaves in the winter allowing more sunlight to penetrate and keep you warm, in the summer they provide shade and a cool breeze.  The stars provide gentle light at night, the reminder of the vastness of the universe and a place to send your wishes out to the universe.  What are you providing to your soul? To others?  To the universe?

It doesn’t have to be a job.  I think we are too focused on that as a purpose in America.  Jon and I have found more purpose being unemployed and living on pennies.  Perhaps your purpose is to paint the creations of the universe, send silent prayers to people passing by that seem to need inspiration, smile at strangers, create healing aromatherapy or simply hike in the woods.  What is it that makes you happy internally, what makes your soul sing?  What gives you the right to be here, right now, in this time and space?  Think small like the dim light of the star, or large like the red wood tree.

Today, on this Monday, what can you do to make your heart sing?  If you are brave enough to share your soul, we would love to hear from you.

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