Motivational Monday: Believe & You CAN Achieve

Conceive & Believe

Jon and I have both been reading W Clement Stone and this is one of our favorite quotes.

What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve, with positive mental attitude.

Does just reading that inspire you to take action?  Does it make you want to dream of a fulfilled future and make it happen?

That quote makes me want to stand up, start fist pumping the air, and yell, I CAN DO IT!  All of us have that capability to achieve our dreams, all of us.  If you can dream it and if you believe you can do it without a shadow of a doubt, than you can achieve it!

I think it is important to note that achieve is a verb.  Meaning it will take ACTION!  So often we think we can dream up something and if we believe it enough it will just magically happen.  Yes, somethings can magically happen, but more often than not, we have to work and take action in order for our dreams to come true.

In church yesterday, we had a great sermon about how often we think God has that magic red “easy” button, and He will magically take away any pain, suffering, or obstacles in our way.  The young man giving the sermon, instead pointed out that Jesus told us, the path will not always be easy, in fact it will be challenging.  Instead through faith and prayer and action, we will see the miracles of God.  When you read the works of W. Clement Stone, he constantly refers to prayer as a guidepost to achieving your dreams.

I literally spent years trying to find a way for Jon and I to live internationally.  I took action, researching a way to make it possible and left the timing up to divine intervention.  I am only just beginning to realize what a blessing it is taking in my life and how amazing it is to live out your dream.  Once you start living out your dreams, suddenly you do realize anything is possible.  If you can dream it and believe it, you can achieve it through taking action.

What dreams have you been dreaming?  Are you taking action to make them come true?

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