Motivational Monday: Be Kind

MM: Be Kind

Be kind- everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.  –John Watson

The past week or so has brought notes or conversations with readers about how much they love motivational monday, specifically because it has been a challenging year for them and they loved the inspiration.  It made me think of the quote about being kind to everyone.

It can be particularly challenging when you are fighting a hard battle to be in a good mood and put a smile on your face.  And it can also be challenging to be kind when we meet these people.  Think of the person driving like a maniac on the road, it takes effort to behave and think kind thoughts towards them!  But likely they are fighting some sort of hard battle.  You know these people, they cut you off at the grocery, never return your phone calls, lack enthusiasm.  Or they are the opposite, the friendliest, kindest, giving people and they keep up their amazing attitude despite the battles.  No matter what the facade shows, we never know what goes on inside.

It makes me think of a student I taught once that was constantly falling asleep in my class.  I asked her to speak with me one day after class and found out she was working two jobs, including the night shift, then coming to my class after only 1-2 hours of sleep.  Of course, this was all to provide for her children.  We never know what is going on in peoples lives.  But we do know that being kind can make all the difference.  And as my husband says all the time, “It is easier to just be nice.”

Today make an effort to be kind to the people you meet.  What can you do daily to remember to be kind, because everyone has something going on in their life?

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