Motivational Monday: Be Happy

The past week has been filled with blessings.  We have been with family and friends non-stop for a week now, and the outpouring of love and support is a huge blessing.

One of the most special occasions was being invited to the Kaufman family table.  We met the Kaufman’s last week when we were in Orlando and instantly connected.  The Kaufman family is spread throughout the state of Florida and they meet in Sarasota for their holiday celebration.  I always think it is an honor to be included in any family gathering but as we were sitting at the table I realized this is what we are going to be doing all next year.  Being invited into the personal homes of people throughout Europe, to join them at their tables to share food, drink and stories.  What a year we have ahead!

Count your blessings not your cash.  We have not been home to Sarasota for more than a weekend in almost two and a half years and the flagrant display of wealth is a bit jarring to the system.  Pinehurst, North Carolina is also a wealthy town, but is more “old money” if you will.  There are no Bentleys or Rolls Royces around town and old homes are not ripped up to build enormous lot line homes.   The interesting part is, no one in North Carolina asked us if we won the lottery.  But this is the most common question we have received since being back in Florida.  Just to clarify for you, we have not won the lottery and we are not trust fund babies.

We are unemployed and homeless and couldn’t be happier.  Because we are not counting our cash, we are counting our blessings.  And most of all, we are dancing to the beat of our own drum.  We want to inspire you to do the same, listen to your inner voice, your inner calling.  Don’t try to be exactly like us or compare yourself to us.  BE YOURSELF.  Go after your own dreams.  Use us as inspiration that it can work, you can do it.  Then make a plan to go after your own dreams.

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