Motivational Monday: A Fresh Start

MM: New Start

Since being back in the States I have noticed how much noise is out there about how hard Mondays are to get through.  I happen to LOVE Mondays, which is part of the reason we started Motivational Monday.  For me Monday is always a day of inspiration, a fresh start, a day of endless opportunities.  It is your day to decide how this week is going to flow for you.  What dreams are you going to reach for, what goals are  you going to accomplish, what changes are you going to make, how are you going to live life?

When I came across this quote this morning, I thought it was perfect.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.   -Maria Robinson

 Maria Robinson, happens to write about childhood development.  So I take her quote to mean, it doesn’t matter how you were raised, it doesn’t matter what challenges have been placed in your life, because that is all in the past.  What does matter is your ability to wake up today, discover your Monday is full of possibilities and change how the story ends.  Make today, The Day!  The day you start your own business, the day you start that art or craft project that has been pulling at your heart, the day you take time to have fun with those you love, the day you start exercising or meditation, the day you start eating to live, the day you give thanks for all the blessings around you, or maybe you have started a bunch of things and today is the day you finish something.

Mondays are magical days, waiting for you to start fresh and set the tone for anything your heart desires.  Now what magic are you going to start today?  Happy Monday ya’ll and happy fresh start!

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