Letting Go with the Full Moon

Full Moon



Since childhood I have always been aware of the moon’s cycle.  Mostly because my dad never could sleep well during the full moon.  It wasn’t until recently when I started practicing yoga that my connection with the full moon took a more positive turn.  Before yoga, I would have bad dreams during the full moon, toss and turn throughout the night and in general, dread the full moon.  Now I am more thankful for the subtle cycle of the moon energy and enjoy practicing meditations that allow me to sleep soundly during the full moon…well most of the time.

The full moon is a wonderful time for letting go of what no longer serves you.  Letting go of your past, allowing room for healing and better things in the future.  Today in the spirit of the full moon give thanks for knowing what is important and what you can get rid of.  One of the practices I love sharing a the yoga studio, is a full moon meditation.  Before the meditation everyone writes down what they want to release and after the meditation, I burn all the prayers and wishes in the garden, watching everything release and float away in a billow of smoke.

With our move abroad fast approaching I am thinking of releasing items in our home, so we have less to pack, less to move, less to store and just less to stress about.  This is not something that comes easily for me.  My roommate in college used to tell me, “Jessica, just go from room to room and get rid of everything you don’t use.  Then go back a second time and be relentless!”  For me the hardest part has always been books.   I have collected 4 piles today to donate, which is a big deal for me!  Unfortunately the bookshelves are still full…I guess I have to go back a second time and be relentless!

During today’s full moon, what can you release?  It maybe physical, or emotional, or spiritual.  One thing that is certain, it feels great when you can release and move forward.

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