from dreaming to reality

We wanted to start this blog before we left for our travels to share with you the process of how we got here.  We hope it serves as inspiration for you to follow your dreams as well!  So how did we go from having of pictures of Italy on our dream board, to traveling in Europe for a year?

1.  The Power of Negative Thinking

This must be a typo, right?  Nope!  The biggest shift for us, came when we thought of the worse case scenario.   For us that was losing a house we love, running out of money and having to move back home with family.  To be honest, that is not that terrible.  We have a great relationship with my parents, we have lived with them before during transition periods and we love our hometown of Sarasota.  By thinking negatively and of the worse case scenario, it actually made us realize if everything falls apart, we would still be okay.

2.  Ask for Help

After we decided to try and make our dream happen, I hired a life coach for the sole purpose of keeping me accountable.  I told him the only thing I wanted, was for him to help me commit to living out my dreams…clearly worth every penny!

3. Take Action

By taking solid action, I believe you let the Universe know you are serious about your dream.  The first tangible action we took was buying our plane ticket to Europe.  Let me tell you, in that moment we had butterflies in our stomach!   Seeing the print out of our plane ticket, also created a  stronger belief that our dream was possible.  Maybe for you, your dream is opening your own company, so start with hiring someone to design your logo or begin writing your business plan.  What ever your dream, take a tangible action, an action you can see.  It will make your dream more real.

So who is ready to think negative thoughts, ask for help and take action?

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