Commitment and Opinions of Others

10 things to give up to move forward

When Jon and I were just playing around with the idea of taking our trip abroad, we ran it by a few people. I was shocked when the feedback we received was negative. The common response was, we have great jobs, a house we love, why would we leave that?

It wasn’t until we made the commitment to each other and were 100% positive in our decision that the responses started changing. Oh yeah and we bought our plane ticket already! Suddenly people were excited for us! A few people even knew what we were doing before we told them, just because it has been our dream for so long and they know us so well.

People’s reactions are simply a mirror of what you are experiencing inside. When you are not certain and wavering, the response received will matched that. Once you became solid in your commitment, the responses will match that as well.

Now there will always be the opinions of others and those that don’t agree with your decisions. But when you make that commitment and follow your passion, you can choose to be free of the opinion of others.   There will always be those few that try to tear you down.  Frank Lloyd Wright experienced it with his designs in natural and organic architecture, especially with the Guggenheim Museum in New York.  Can you imagine if he listened to others opinions?

So today, look forward to the rising sun, smile, rejoice and give thanks for the courage to follow your dreams.  What things must you give up to move forward with your dreams?

Source of inspiration: 10 Things You Must Give up to Move Forward.


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