America is still the place for dreams


Sometimes it takes leaving your home to see your home.  Growing up in the United States we hear about “The American Dream” all the time but quite honestly it doesn’t mean that much to our generation.  Of course you can come from nothing and become a famous entrepreneur, or movie star, or political figure.  It has become so normal, that we don’t think much about it.

To be honest, I have never understood why someone living in Europe would want to leave and come to the United States.  Why would you want to leave being surrounded by architectural buildings that are hundreds and thousands of years old?  Why would you want to leave the cultural home of the great artists of the world?  Why would you want to leave quality food for the hormone, antibiotic injected cows of America?  Why would you want to leave a culture that embraces living life, for the rat race of America?

Maybe it because you are a dreamer.  As a nation we are constantly encouraged to dream and reach for the stars.  Meyrick our host said, “I love Americans, they have a go-getter attitude, that anything is possible.”  Of course anything is possible, that is what we are brought up to believe as a nation.

It took coming to Europe to realize the American Dream is about endless possibilities, not just a motto of the past.  It is a strength that guides us as a nation and as individuals.  A belief that takes a hold of our spirits and lets us soar.  If you dream it, and want it enough, and work for it, you can make it happen.  God Bless our Home and the dreamers that are born on its soil and on other lands.  And may the future present all of us with a reality, that is beyond our wildest dreams.

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