White Horse & Cookery

wt horse feasure

We are at our last day in the UK and wanted to share with you a wonderful sight our friends took us to see, “The White Horse.”  The White Horse dates back to the Bronze Age, 5,000 years ago!  It is believed the horse was carved out of the side of a hill and filled with chalk bricks from the local area of Oxfordshire.  But know one knows exactly how it was made.  The interesting thing is, it can only been seen in full from flying above the horse.  Which is why some believe it was a symbol to the Gods, or possibly to neighboring areas as a sign of territory.  Legend says once a year the horse leaves the hill to graze in the fields, depending where you are standing below, you could believe it to be true!

the horse's eye

Standing at the eye of the White Horse

the  white horse

The White Horse from above

We also finished our time in England with some cookery lessons with Graeme.  I love how they call it cookery here!  Jon got some lessons on easy breads to make and I got a wonderful lesson on making curry.  I love curry and have always had terrible luck making it, but with Graeme’s help we made a delicious curry dinner.  She is a wonderful teacher and let us do most of the cookery ourselves, so we felt more confident in repeating the recipes in the future!

hard at work

cookery lessons

Now the whirlwind traveling begins.  Usually we take our time in each place, but in the next 5 days we will be in 4 countries…a bit crazy, but it is how the timing worked out.  So no where in the world are Jon and Jessica posts, or I will be weeks behind in blogging!  We will be leaving England, in Paris over night, in Amsterdam for 2 nights then going back to our favorite place, Italia!  The adventure continues!!

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