Weymouth: a classic seaside village


When arriving in Weymouth, you almost feel as if you are arriving on a movie set.  The bright colors of row homes along the harbor, fishermen tinkering on their boats, tourists eating fish and chips on street benches and seagulls happily reminding you, you have arrived by the sea.  The smell of the sea is also in the air, a mix of salt and fish, that becomes particularly strong when standing by the old fishing boats, reminding you this spot is more than just a movie set, it is authentic.

Weymouth historically was a fishing town and a port used primarily for wool trade.  Today it has become a large tourist destination and it is easy to see why, with bright colors all around, you can’t help but to enjoy the views.  It is a prime location along the Jurassic coast for boating and was also the location of the 2012 Olympics for Sailing.

The Jurassic Coast in the background

The Jurassic Coast in the background




The best part of the trip to Weymouth, was the sunny skies.  Yesterday was the first day in the 3-weeks we have been in the UK that the sun shined the ENTIRE day!  We loved every second of it!

Jon & Jess in Weymouth

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