We are home….

Overlooking Agropoli

We feel like we have arrived home, no where else on our travels has felt quite this way.  After a full day of travel we have arrived in Agropoli, the birthplace of Jon’s grandfather and past Patella generations.

We rented a beautiful apartment through Airbnb and the family we are renting from is wonderful.  They were so happy that we were coming to Agropoli to find Jon’s roots, they offered to help us in anyway possible.

On our arrival they gave us a personal tour of historic Agropoli.  It was 9:30 at night and we were shocked how alive the city was at that hour.  Kids of all ages, adults, grandparents all strolling the streets of Agropoli and gathering in the piazzas.  Apparently this is typical of summer and most people do not go to bed until after midnight and wake up around 11:00 in the morning.  Our hosts were most excited to show us Via Filippo Patella the main street in the historic center.  Filippo Patella is a local hero who helped unify Italy.



Streets of Agropoli at night

Streets of Agropoli at night

We also stopped at some local beaches on our tour, which was beautiful with the moon shining and the waves crashing to shore.  I love being by the warm sea.  This definitely feels like home.

This morning we woke up late and enjoyed the sea breeze flowing through the house.  This is by far the most relaxed and happiest I have seen Jon in a long time, possibly ever.  He is without a doubt home.


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