Road Trip: Wilmington


Thanks to those that guessed where we were going.  Our first stop was Wilmington, NC.  Living in Pinehurst, we heard people talk about weekend trips to Wilmington a lot and we wanted to stop and see the town, before we left North Carolina.

Wilmington is an eclectic town, drawing in all sorts of people.  It has a historic town feel, mixed in with hipster college kids and tons of bars and pool halls for the partiers.  Historic downtown is only a few blocks long, so it is perfect for a morning or afternoon stroll.  At night it becomes more active and you can catch live music on the streets or river walk.

The Cotton Exchange used to be the biggest business at the Wilmington port, but it has been converted into locally owned business and shops.  The building meanders through courtyards and up and down several levels.  It is fun to walk through and explore.

From there you can also walk along Cape Fear River.  Across the river from downtown Wilmington is the USS North Carolina Battleship.  The ship was active during the Pacific Theater during World War II.  We didn’t have time to walk through it, but we have heard good things about the tour.

After spending time in Historic downtown we drove around the neighboring residential areas.  We love seeing different forms of architecture.   The beautiful antebellum homes around the city remind us of our favorite city in the South.  And our next stop to visit friends.  Any guesses?



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