Road Trip: Orlando and Cocoa Beach


Our road trip stop in Orlando and surrounding areas was strictly to see family and friends.  We got to see cousins we haven’t seen in years, my uncle, Jon’s buddy from college and made new friends along the way.

While we were with my cousin, she said, “Life is about being happy, enjoying friends and enjoying family.”  And the last few days of our road trip were exactly that.  We danced, we relaxed, we sang and we laughed a lot.  It makes you realize the important part of life is the relationships we make.  Our lives are richer because we share them with other people.  It makes the idea of cultivating relationships in other countries even more exciting.

Interestingly, this post has been the hardest for me to write about on our trip, because where we ate and what we saw doesn’t seem important.  It was the morning I spent with my cousin on her dock overlooking the Indian River.  We watched the dolphin chase fish for hours, saw our first wild otter, and a manatee, while we talked about life.  Those hours alone with her and wildlife are more special than the fact we were in Cocoa Beach.

Watch out fishy! Took a lot of shots to get this one!

It was the tour around College Park my uncle gave us.  Showing us the house he and my father grew up in and the tree they tied rope to, to swing into the lake.

It was the like-minded spirit we connected to instantly at my cousins’ work party.  A fellow traveler, yogi, and vegetarian.  Both of us ordering a vegetarian meal at one of the most famous steakhouses in Orlando, Del Frisco’s!  Knowing if we lived in the same area I would want to be best friends.

It was the feeling of being included in my cousins’ work family.  Everyone welcoming us into the clan.  For that moment in time we were all brought together and enjoyed life together.

It was the couple that shared our love for food and the same restaurants in Asheville, Charleston and Sarasota.  Connecting over food made the fact that we are in completely different tax brackets unimportant.

It was extending our stay at The Peabody by a few more hours to enjoy breakfast with family and friends.  Just because saying, so long for now, seemed to hard to do.  Although I have to say, our room was pretty damn awesome and leaving the luxurious comforts of the suite were hard to do too!

The last part of our road trip was about connecting and relationships…it was about living life.  Which is our goal starting now, for the next year, to live life.  To become expert lovers of life.  So we can continue living life to its fullest for the rest of our lives.  What could be more important than that?

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