Traditional Sunday and Jon’s First Drive


This morning we made our way back to Wimborne Minster for a church service.  It is the first time we have been to church since we left for our journey, it helps that now service is in English!  When we walked through Wimborne Minster a few days ago, Jon fell in love with the pipes from the organ, and we decided we had to hear them on Sunday.

In order to get to the Minster, Jon had his first experience driving on the left side of the road and the right side of the car!  Needless to say I got some prayers in BEFORE church!  No, I’m kidding, he did a great job!  If you would like you can join us on Jon’s “first” drive:

Once we arrived at the Minster the church bells were in full chime, drawing us in by their sounds.

Wimborne Minster is a Church of England church and we were treated with a beautiful choir of all ages and a service similar to the Lutheran liturgy.  We had an upfront view of the beautiful stained glass windows and painted ceiling.

stained glass


Of course after church instead of coffee hour, they have tea time.  We received a warm welcome by many people, although I am pretty sure our accents gave us away as guests!

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