Tornado Sirens

green skies

We had some scary skies approach in the morning hours the other day.  After Jon’s morning coffee, he was playing weather man taking shots of the crazy sky and serious squall line.  Meanwhile, I was running through the house closing windows for the impending rain.  I don’t know much about tornados, but I do know that a greenish sky is a bad sign!  So I was yelling at Jon that the sky was green when I looked out the window.  So we grabbed the animals and headed to the basement as the center of the cell went over us.

Eventually the rains calmed and we ventured back upstairs.  The skies cleared up and the rain had stopped.  I was relaxing on the sofa reading and Jon was in the kitchen answering emails, then the  tornado siren wailed.  I have never heard one in real life, let me tell you, there is no doubt in your mind that it is warning of danger.  The amount of adrenaline that is released with that one sound is remarkable!  I immediately ran to get Jon and my crazy husband is outside looking for a tornado!  At which point I started yelling to come inside and that I was going to the basement.  All the while he is yelling, “I don’t see anything.”  Luckily, Jon had enough self-preservation to follow me to the basement!

Jon was checking the radar on our ipod because he said the skies had cleared and it didn’t look bad outside.  The siren had stopped, it only went off for a short time, so after about 10 minutes we figured we were safe and ventured back upstairs again.

Come to find out that once a month the town tests their tornado sirens!  And it was just a test!  So  the panic stricken trip to the basement, that was just us (well just me really) freaking out!  We are thinking that they should change the time of the test when there is a serious storm brewing…just a suggestion!

crazy skies

What would you do if you saw this cloud approaching?

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