Top Sites in St. Andrews

St. Andrews bridge

1.  The Old Course at St. Andrews Links

You practically have to kneel down to the green grass and bow your head to the massive bunkers.  Visiting St. Andrews is a religious golf experience, a dream come true for any golfer.  What first appears to be an easy open course, quickly shows it’s self as an unbelievable challenge.  Walking the old course is similar to walking the Forum in Rome, you are taking the same walk as the most accomplished golfers in history.  Remember on Sunday’s it becomes a public park and open for anyone to walk.

Don’t forget to take your picture on the Swilken Burn Bridge with the links and The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in the background!


2.  St. Andrews Cathedral


The remains of what was once Scotland’s largest cathedral.  With partial walls, partially standing columns and footings still in the grass, it is an interesting architectural study.  You can get a sense of how massive it was and yet, the column footings seem closer together when all you can see is the grass between them.  Definitely worth the stroll.

3.  St. Andrews Castle

st. andrews castle


The ruins of St. Andrews Castle have also been saved.  You can actually go underground into the mines and dungeons of this 15th century castle.  The castle sits on the coast and has beautiful views.  Charges apply.

4.  Chariots of Fire beach

chairots of fire beach


Que music… have a run on the beach where the famous Chariots of Fire scene was shot.  Enough said!

5.  St. Andrews University

st. andrews uni


northpoint cafe


Take a peak at the beautiful St. Andrews University, where Prince William met Katherine.  Areas reminded us of visiting Duke University in North Carolina, with similar architectural details.  If you want to have tea or coffee in the same spot collage-aged royalty did, apparently Northpoint cafe is where to go!

Overall we had a wonderful time in St. Andrews.  So glad we made the trip!

Here is a video for all of you golfers that want to visit the course too!

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