The Perfect Evening in London

st.paul's dome


When the sky darkens in London, the romance of the city begins.  The bridges become colorfully lit passage ways, spreading sparkles of light on the Thames below.  The Dome of St. Paul’s becomes a giant night light, guiding your position in the city and Parliament becomes a golden splendor.  The air stills and the energy shifts to a slow stroll and it becomes a city for lovers.

bridges of London



Strolling along the Thames at night on the South Bank is the perfect way to end a visit to London.  The majesty comes alive and creates those fleeting moments when you feel completely and utterly present in the moment.  Yet, by your next breath the views are so shocking you feel as if you are living in a childhood fairytale.

The South Bank at night has become our favorite way to end a trip to London.  Whether it is walking Tower Bridge in the glow of lights, sipping on a cocktail at the OXO tower looking at St. Paul’s Cathedral, strolling opposite Parliament or catching a late show at the Globe theater.  There is something special about soaking in those last few hours of your trip seeing the transformation and softening of the city that occurs after sunset.

Saying goodbye for now from London town!

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