The Art of Doing Nothing

park sitting

The past few days we have relished in the art of doing nothing.  Since we have been to London before and done all the touristy sights, we are taking our time this trip and just soaking it all in.  My favorite was spending the afternoon in Hyde Park with Kensington Palace behind us, just soaking up the sun.  We brought a picnic lunch and people watched.  One funny moment was watching an Italian family awkwardly doing squats and lunges, looking like they were in an 1980s aerobics video!  Classic, absolutely classic.

I also happened to fall asleep on Jon’s lap, there is something that feels delightfully sinful about napping during the day.  A treat I rarely take advantage of!




Yesterday, we wandered through the Tate Modern Museum, as if we had nothing better to do with our time then question the thought process behind some very bizarre art.  Afterwards, we had a sit & a pint at the Founders Arms a pub on the River Thames, right outside the Tate.  The view of St. Paul’s dome and barges floating by on the Thames, was surreal.  It’s in these moments, when you allow the time to soak in the views that it is hard to believe how awesome life is and how doing nothing really is an art.

st.pauls from afar


Another great site is seeing teenagers finding joy in connecting with their inner child.  One of the street artists was out making enormous bubbles.  The most interesting part is people of all ages, stopped to watch the bubbles.  Something so simple can bring smiles to everyone’s face, reminding us to stop and be childlike and enjoy precious moments.



Cheers to the art of doing nothing, yet really enjoying everything!


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