St. Francesco of Assisi

St. Frances


Agropoli is the home to a old San Francesco of Assisi monastery.  We hiked past the port of Agropoli up high on the cliffs to reach the monastery.  The views on the way there were breathtaking.  The sea changed from teal to dark navy blue depending on how deep the water was in that location.

Out of all the places Jon’s family could have come from, this is a beautiful place to call home!


Port of Agropoli

Port of Agropoli


Once we reached the monastery we hiked down to the pebble beach below.  It was pretty steep, thank goodness we had a cool sea breeze.  It made the hike down much more enjoyable.

View from the monastery down to the pebble beach and rocks.

View from the monastery down to the pebble beach and rocks.

From the beach you get a great view of the rocks with the cross.  Legend says that the sea will never cover the rock of the cross.  It is also supposed to be the place that San Francesco of Assisi stood to talk to all the fish below.

The cross


On such a beautiful day, we couldn’t believe it, but we were the only people on the beach.  It was a great spot to hike to in Agropoli and it reminded us of our other favorite town Polignano.

There is something special about listening to the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore and the sounds of the pebbles rolling over each other as the waves get drawn back to sea.



Belissima!  Hope you enjoy and have a great day!

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