Snapshot Saturday: Bradenton Beach

tiki huts

This week some very special friends invited us for a glass of wine to watch sunset.  It was the first time either of us had been to Bradenton beach and it felt like we were on vacation, visiting another world again.

The thick salt air made you aware of your breath, the Gulf of Mexico was steadily lapping on to the shore and the sky lingered in a sunset tone for what seemed like hours, casting a peaceful orange hue to everything on the beach.

I was looking out to the sea, thinking, wow, we live here!  So often we forget to explore our own backyards, taking for granted the blessings that surround us everyday.

This peaceful yogi in orange, obviously remembered to enjoy the now…

meditating at sunset



May you all have a blessed weekend!  Enjoy the beauty in your own backyards!


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