Saving Money on the London Tubes

Oyster Cards

Two of the biggest expenses when traveling are lodging and transportation.  We discovered a wonderful transportation money saver this trip to London, the Oyster card.  The Oyster card is the size of a credit card and acts as your ticket on any underground tube or bus in London, instead of a paper ticket.  You simply purchase the card  then top it up with money as needed.  The best part, is when you use an Oyster card, instead of paper tickets, you save almost 50% or more in some cases.  Plus the Oyster card allows you to simply hold your card near the scanner and you are allowed on the bus or tube.  No more lines to wait in to by paper tickets, no more awkward moments as you try to buy your ticket on the bus with a line forming behind you, no more stumbling with a ticket in the underground stations.

Some numbers to entice you more:

Currently a single journey on the tube is: 4.50 pounds

With the Oyster card a single journey is: 2.10 pounds

*within zone 1

The savings adds up quickly!  The cards current cost 3 pounds, but you can use them over and over.  We were also told at the end of your trip, you can go to a ticket counter and they will refund your money that is left on the card.  We are just saving ours till next time.

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