Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh

Royal Botanic Gardens


Spring is blooming in Edinburgh!  Yesterday we visited the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh and saw the bright green leaves growing on the trees and bursts of color beginning to show from flowers and shrubs.  We were surprised to find out when we arrived that it is FREE admission!  The only thing you have to pay for is to go into the glass house.  It is a  phenomenal garden and what a treat that it is open to everyone to enjoy, free of charge.  They must get some generous donors, grants and serious funding because the gardens are a work of art.    A must visit on your trip to Edinburgh.


trees blooming


There were beautiful water features throughout the garden, but our favorite was the waterfall they had created.  There is something about the sounds of rushing water that is so peaceful and energizing all at the same time.




Spring flowers


To give you an idea we are at about the same latitude as Newfoundland in Canada, which is well north of Maine.  So it was still crisp out yesterday, it was in the 40s with wind, but we were loving the sun & the flowers!

JJ in Royal gardens


Towards the end of our stroll we found a bench that overlooked Edinburgh and Edinburgh Castle.  The sky was blue and the white puffy clouds were streaming past.  It was one of those moments when what you are looking at doesn’t seem real.  Are we really looking at the hills of Scotland?  Are we really here? Feeling so blessed!



Views of Edinburgh

Views of Edinburgh


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