Ravello to Marmorata: Ceramics & Steps

ravello feature

The last day with the family we drove up to Ravello, a town high above the Amalfi coast famous for its ceramics.  If you are on the Amalif coast and want to purchase Italian ceramics, this is the town to visit.  Many of the stars have been there and we happened to be shopping in the same place as a famous golfer while we were there.

The best part was on the way back, my cousin, Christine and I decided to walk all of the 2,000 steps from Ravello to Marmorata.  Note, we walked DOWN the steps, not up!!  It was a beautiful walk through tiny villages and idyllic walkways.  The steps were very steep in places, but it was well worth it.  If you get a chance it is a different way to see the Amalfi Coast, by taking these small paths between villages.

Here is a picture journey of our walk:

bougainvilla & white


blue skies

the walk down

old walls


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