Picture Journey through Oxford

Radcliffe Library

Oxford is home to Oxford University, which is a great day trip from London.  We are down to our last few days in the UK and took the day to leisurely stroll through the town.  Oxford has beautiful architecture taking you back hundreds and in some cases a thousand years, yet because it is a University it feels young and vibrant, buzzing with ideas of brilliant students.

What feels like the heart of Oxford is the Radcliffe Library, which is the science library for Oxford University students.  The library was closed to visitors but you could enter parts of the Bodleian library at Oxford, which was showcasing magical books on alchemy and magical creatures.

Oxford library


JJ in oxford


For lunch we wandered to the beautiful grounds around Christ Church.

Christ Church Christ Church

Near Christ Church and throughout Oxford is a beautiful canal system.  Part of the river Thames that runs through London also runs through Oxford.

River Thames

Based on a recommendation from a friend we went to the Pitt Rivers museum for the afternoon.  There is so much in the museum it is mind boggling.  The museum contains Oxford University’s collection of anthropology and world archeology.  You could spend weeks here and never see everything.  It is partially under refurbishment, but don’t let that stop you, you can still see loads of interesting things from all over the world.

Pitt Rivers

Pitt Rivers

And a few more of our favorite architecture shots…


Christ Church Oxford

Hope you enjoyed!

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