Parks of Poole: Canford Heath

the sun is out

When visiting England, if you wait for nice weather, you maybe waiting a long time.  That is what the Brits tell us anyways.  This morning from 7-9 AM sunshine was forecasted, which resulting in a 6:30 alarm, as to ensure seeing some sun rays.

I am the morning person but Jon is happy to sleep in if the opportunity is available.  So when I was getting him out of bed at 7, despite the fact that the forecast was wrong and the skies were still grey, it took a little bit of convincing.  Because not only were the skies grey but there were flakes of snow falling!

We had decided to visit a few different local parks to enjoy the outside and inhale nature, no matter what the weather.  This morning we strolled through Canford Heath, which is the largest green park in Poole and one of the largest in Dorset.  It spans around 850 acres, as a wildlife preserve and has multiple pedestrian footpaths.

At the beginning of our walk the sun peaked out…sort of.  You could see it behind the clouds, which we are pretty sure counts as partly sunny in this neck of the woods!  Can you see the sun in the picture above? I swear you can see it if you try!

The park is expansive with vast open spaces to enjoy.

open spaces


Those white specks are snow flakes!

Those white specks are snow flakes!


What do you think my chances are of convincing Jon to get up early and do this again tomorrow?


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