Overzealous in London

Natural History museum

While in London, Jon bought me some running shoes.  My feet and knees were hurting so much by the end of our walks in my Euro shoes, that I finally decided I would rather be comfortable than be fashionable.   I will only really stick out when we get to Italy, at which point I may decide to suffer again…we will see!

Anyways, my new shoes resulted in unearthing a very overzealous walker.  If you have ever traveled with my parents you know that my dad will say, “Oh it’s just a few more blocks.” Which typically turns into at least a mile.  I am usually up front with my dad, while Jon and my mom are cursing under their breaths about 30 feet behind us.  On our overzealous walk we covered so much of London in one day, I think we might have even made my dad want to call it quits!

I made a rough estimate of our walk when we got home and we covered about 7 miles, burning about 1,000 calories.  Yeah we were pretty much toast by the end of the day!  Although we stretched it out to last about 6 hours, so Jon can hardly complain about that!  I strategically made stops for food, museums and park sits, which made it seem much easier.  We covered West London down to Southeast London in one afternoon.  I am pretty sure all this walking is how Jon has lost about 20 pounds without much effort!  And we thought we would be gaining weight on our travels!

Here is a rough map of our journey:

map of our london walk


We started by taking the tube to Knightsbridge to go to Harrods.  Even if you don’t buy anything it is an experience to have, especially the food halls.  They have about every type of food you can imagine.  It is always fun to see the Harrod’s window displays as well, right now they are decked out in a Great Gatsby theme, which just happens to be one of my favorite novels.

Natural History museum

Natural History Museum

Next we headed to the Natural History Museum.  The building and architecture are beautiful and ornate.  But to be honest we felt like we were herded cattle in this museum.  You had no choice on which direction you wanted to go in the dinosaur exhibit, you had to follow the exact way that was planned out.  Let’s just say being body to body with thousands of other tourists, was not our idea of fun.  We tried a few other exhibits and were not feeling it.  The young kids seemed to love it though….

Victoria & Albert

The Chihuly at the Victoria & Albert Museum

So we went next door to the Victoria & Albert Museum, which was much more our pace.  Our favorite piece is the Chihuly that hangs in the entrance way of the museum.

After the Victoria & Albert Museum, I deceptively convinced Jon that Picadilly Circus was not that far of a walk, so we hoofed it from the Victoria Albert to Picadilly Circus to have a late lunch at Jamie Oliver’s Diner.  This is a hard one, because we were really excited to try it out.  The views are fantastic with floor to ceiling glass walls on the second floor, right off of Picadilly Circus.  The problem was the service was terrible and the food was mediocre.  But then again my hubby is in the business and his attention to detail is challenging for even the best restaurants.

jamie olivers diner


Then we headed to St. Jame’s Park for another sit, especially since the sun was shinning again..Yay!


St. Jame’s Park


On accident we walked by Parliament and Big Ben, always a nice surprise!  And again by the London Eye.

London Eye

London Eye


We made one last attempt to see Temple Church, which we missed it being open by 2 hours!  Then headed back to our landmark on the South Bank, The Shard.   It was our first time staying on the South Bank in London and we loved it…more on that another day!

the shard

The Shard

I think Jon might be regretting buying me new running shoes…let’s just say we are taking it easier after that walk!


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