Our Adventure to Durdle Door


Have you ever flipped through a picture book and decided, “I have to go there!” just from the picture?  It happens to me all the time and this time it was Durdle Door a rock formation on the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset.

We Googled directions to Lulworth, the town nearest Durdle Door.  The directions stopped at a random intersection, saying our destination was to our right.  “To our right,” Jon said with a frustrated tone. The only thing to the right was a field of sheep and there was no town insight.  This led to multiple U-turns to figure out where we had gone wrong or try find someone willing to give us directions.  Getting lost is stressful enough, but then, suddenly, we were also hearing sounds of rapid gunfire, which makes you feel even more on edge to find your way!  As we continued on, the sounds of rapid gunfire were occasionally accompanied by a loud, BOOM, that seemed to shake the air around us.  Whatever was being fired around us was BIG.  At our next curve we had to slow as signs said TANK CROSSING. Soon we saw why as we passed many military tanks preparing for artillery training.  We were lost on a road that drives through the Gun Camp for the Royal Army.  Cheers folks!  Just where you have always wanted to get lost!

We finally found a spot to ask for directions, which we were told, “Take this road as far as you can, when you get to the junction make a left.”  I get back in the car, ready to play navigator and get the heck of there!  But the lady failed to tell us to first make a turn right turn, which led to driving further into areas with signs warning of sudden gun fire!  Eventually we found our way to Durdle Door, thank goodness!  I don’t know how men and women in the military function with that noise constantly, God Bless them!

Once we hiked down to Durdle Door it was far bigger than it looked in the picture and well worth all the confusion!

durdle dor


jj at durdle dor

And here is the link to the video Jon made if you want to get a closer feel to being there with us!


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