Money Saving Tip: Food in England

Farmer's Market pickings

Spending time in England is definitely a challenge on the budget.  Not only is almost everything expensive, but add in the conversion of pounds to dollars, and things become outrageous!

But we have discovered a huge money saving tip for anyone that is going to visit England and has access to a kitchen.  Farmer’s markets.  The price of food at the local farmer’s market is actually cheap!  Far less than what we would pay in the States even.  For example we bought all the food in the picture for a total of 8 pounds, which converts to about 12 dollars.  The most amazing deal was we only paid 2 pounds (about 3 dollars) for all the strawberries, blueberries and plums in the picture!  If you are a meat eater, the farmer’s markets also have butchers that are selling their products.

The quality of the food is also much higher than what we have found in the local supermarkets around town.  Plus, we always love helping out local farmers, no matter where we are in the world.  On your next trip to England, check out the local market for higher quality foods and better prices.

If you happen to be in Dorset, here is a website of some of the local markets that take place.


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