Magical Moment in Amalfi


After the crazy drive on the Amalfi coast we de-stressed at dinner.  We were the first reservation at 7:30 in the evening and our table was right against the railing overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and the coastline.

The sea breeze of the evening was gently keeping us cool, while we glanced over the impressive menu of Italian foods.  We all settled into our seats a little deeper, ready for the relaxation to begin.

The wine also began flowing freely and so many courses of mouthwatering food were ordered it was hard to keep track.

Without even realizing it the sky started to become darker and the night set in.  Then suddenly…BOOM!  In the small bay directly in front of us a fireworks show started.  Giant white fireworks that dropped down like weeping willows, combinations of green, red and white for Italy and even multicolored pinwheels.  Then the most magical fireworks any of us had ever seen….fireworks that danced under the water, then shot up from the water in multiple directions.

It was one of those moments, when you think, “Is this really happening?  Can life really be this blessed, this serendipitous?  How are we so lucky?”  Followed by astonished gratitude to the perfect timing of the Universe.

Megan & Jessica

Megan & Jessica

Thomas & Jon

Thomas & Jon

We ended up being the last table to leave, after a four and a half hour dinner.  Love these magical moments and especially sharing them with family.  Feeling incredibly blessed.

Jon, Christine, Mike & Jessica - Cheers from Amalfi!

Jon, Christine, Mike & Jessica – Cheers from Amalfi!


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