Illusions of a peaceful day


First things first.  On arrival to the countryside we needed to walk to the nearest store to stock up on some food.  We were graciously given yogurts and breakfast food from the lady we are housesitting for, so after breakfast we headed out.

The walk began as an idyllic walk through the English countryside, with rolling hills covered with horses, cows, sheep and even llamas.  The sun was shinning and it was a beautiful day.  We made our way to the end of the dirt road, where we met the blacktop and the main road to the next village, which reportedly had some provisions.

The main road was windy and hilly, with no paths or sidewalks.  The speed limit also quickly changed from 30 miles an hour, to a suggested 50 miles per hour.  Well, we all know how observant people are of suggested speed limits on country roads….they are merely suggestions!  Within 5 minutes we were jumping into the shrubs as huge trucks, or lories as they are called here, zoomed by us.  The grassy patches on the sides of the road were barely wide enough for a person, let alone protection from motor vehicles!  As we continued rounding blind corners, we zig zagged from one side of the road to the other in hopes of being seeing by drivers before the last second.

Thank God, Jon happened to wear his red cashmere sweater for our little adventure, so we were more visible.  After about 15-20 minutes of the craziness we found a road through a neighborhood to walk through.  We asked for directions twice in hopes there was a path to the village, off the main road.  The most shattering was when we asked for the market, and the response was, “I don’t know of any market in town.”  Dear Lord!  After risking our lives I certainly hope there is food at the end of this.  Eventually we found our way to the small post office that was also the town convenient store.  I told Jon, “Load up on everything we need, because I am NOT doing this again!”

So now we both had large reusable grocery bags, filled with can goods and groceries, slung over our shoulders for the trip back.  We walked even faster, because we just wanted the stress to be over with.  With the extra weight of the food and walking as fast as we could, we were hot and dripping in sweat, despite the temperatures.  But Jon, being the protector, kept on his bright red sweater for our safety.  On the way back we ended up smashed against the 6 foot shrubs to let a garbage truck go by, that was not moving over at all.  Jon was desperately waving his hand out, trying to get the drivers attention.  At the last second the truck driver moved enough so that we had breathing room.

It didn’t stop there, it happened a second time, with an elderly couple in their navy blue jaguar.  But they flat out did not see us at all!  Thank God, the foot  of grass we had, was enough off the road that we were not hit.  Jon told me, he was within seconds of pushing me into the tall shrubs so I wouldn’t get hit!  Could you image!   I wouldn’t have know what hit me!  Thankfully shortly after, we got to our dirt road again.  We had so much adrenaline pumping through our system, it was insane.

Our peaceful country walk turned into one of the most stressful times of our trip!  We always seem to have the biggest adventures when you put us in the middle of nowhere!  The total time of our adrenaline pumping adventure… two and a half hours!!  We were ready for a cocktail and lunch by the time we got back to the house to say the least!  Unfortunately, we didn’t by any alcohol, so we had to settle for tea to calm the nerves…the Brits are rubbing off on us!

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