Hike to Dancing Ledge

dancing ledge feature

We found a wonderful book at the library called Britain & Ireland’s Best Wild Places: 500 Ways to Discover the Wild.  The first adventure from the book we chose was to Dancing Ledge just outside of Swanage in the town Langton Matravers.

It took some trial and error getting there (see our directions below, the book was not completely clear), but luckily the Brits are very helpful to lost tourists!  We walked for about a mile on dirt roads towards the coast, wandering through what seemed to be private roads and private farms, but we were actually on the right path.  Eventually we came to a gate with a path going down the hill towards the sea, which Jon adventurously decided to take.  We were hiking through thick brush and mud for a few minutes and then the view opened up.

dancing ledge

We kept hiking down closer to the water, determined to see the famous Dancing Ledge cliffs on the Isle of Purbeck.  The cliffs into the sea were made famous in the 1600s when the limestone was used to rebuild London after the Great Fire of 1666.

And eventually we made it!

dancing ledge with Jon

With the sea breeze hitting our faces and the sounds of the waves crashing against the cliffs below, we found a comfortable spot on the grass and soaked in the sunny day.  These are the moments with my husband that I cherish the most, from quietly taking in the surroundings to conversations about life.  It is also when I am still pinching myself, that yes, we are having this experience, right now, right here, living out our dreams.

After a few hours that passed amazingly fast we realized, what goes down, must go back up!!  And this one will get your heart racing.  The spots on the picture below are people, just to put it in perspective of how far the hike back up really was!

what does goes down must go up

The highlight for me was discovering a different path on the way back that went straight through a field of sheep and lambs!  I was so happy!


There are some beautiful hikes in this part of the country!  We hope we get some more beautiful days like this one to explore!

Directions: Traveling north on the A351 from Swanage, turn left on the B3069 towards Langton Matravers.  Drive through the town of Langton Matravers, once you are out of the village there will be a car park on your left with foot paths towards Action and Dancing Ledge.

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