Happy Spring Equinox from Stonehenge!

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The alarm went off throughout the house at 3:50 this morning to celebrate the Vernal or Spring Equinox.  We drove through the dark to arrive at Stonehenge at 5:45 to catch the sunrise.  Well we are in England, which means catching a sunrise is more of a treat than an everyday occurrence!  It was a misty, cold morning, with frost on the ground and the sky brighten up from dark blue to a light gray.  But it didn’t matter, it was still an amazing experience, because we were allowed into the inner circle of Stonehenge.

Access to the inner circle is rare and only occurs four times a year, on the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes and the Summer and Winter Solstices.  Otherwise to visit Stonehenge you have to stay on a paved pathway that is quite a distance from the rocks themselves.  They closed the inner circle off years ago to prevent vandalism of the rocks.

Mossy Stonehenge

Mossy Stonehenge

jj stonehenge

The Spring Equinox occurs around the 20th of March, when the Earth’s axis is inclined neither away nor toward’s the Sun.  The term equinox comes from the Latin aequus meaning equal and  nox meaning night, because today both the night and the day are equal in time.  A great day of balance. 



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Stonehenge is run by the English Heritage, which opens up the inner circle four times a year for the Druids to celebrate the major shifts in the earth’s axis.  Which accounted for some fabulous people watching!  Jon captured some of the action  and made a video for everyone, so you can be part of the Spring Equinox at Stonehenge as well!

For some reason, the video will not embed, so there is the link:


We want to dedicate this post to our dear friend, Deborah.  You are like a sister, aunt, and friend, all wrapped up as our biggest cheerleader!  You had more excitement and enthusiasm than almost anyone else about our adventure this year.  You are with us every part of the journey, but especially today.  This trip to Stonehenge was for you, you were with us this morning celebrating this special day.  We love you!

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