Food Lovers Paradise: London Bridge Market

london market

In all the time we have spent in London, we have never made it to the London Bridge Market, also known as Borough Market.   Borough Market is one of the oldest and largest markets in Central London, dating back to 1851.  I had heard it was a great market, but if you love food, you have to experience this market on your next trip to London.

The farmers are also artists and display all the fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, fish and cheese, as if they are to be devoured by the eye first.  The market is under the London Bridge, so the occasional clanking of the couplings as the train passing slowly overhead, vibrating the air below at the market, simply adds to the experience.  The smells of freshly baked goods, ripe fruit, and herbs permeate the market, increasing the senses to the point you are salivating for fresh foods surrounding you.







Even if you are not purchasing food and just visiting London for a short time, it is worth the visit.  Grab a cup of coffee or tea at the market, along with a fresh baked good.  Or for those that have incredible will power a fruit smoothie and wander through this feast for the eyes and taste buds!  And if you come mid-day or in the afternoon you can treat yourself to goat ice cream and brownies.






And for those that are buying food, a word of caution.  Check the prices first!  At the end of our trip to the market, with a bag full of fresh bread, fruit and vegetables, Jon eyed a beautiful tomato.  His eyes were sparkling and had that distant look as he was mentally tasting the tomato.  So I told him to go buy it, why not…


Jon returned and looked at me with big eyes and said, “I don’t even want to tell you how much that cost.”  I had a feeling it would be expensive but with the conversion it ended up being 5 US dollars!  So we enjoyed our precious tomato right away for lunch…good thing it was delicious!

precious tomato



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