Folk Festivals in England

Wimborne Folk Dancers

On our last weekend in Wimborne we were able to catch the Folk Festival.  We started the walk to town and our friends The Millers happened to be walking to the festival at exactly the same time.  Don’t you just love when things fall into place effortlessly!?

We happened to arrive to Wimborne just in time for the parade of folk dancers.  Wimborne is a small village, yet the streets were packed and you could barely move along the sidewalks.  The dancers were an eclectic group of people that come together every weekend in towns around England to dance for parades.  The Blackface Morris Dancers are in the picture to the left and claimed to be the group that have the most fun.  What was most impressive was about half of the dancers were wearing wooden shoes and stomping the ground.  I couldn’t even imagine walking in wooden shoes let alone dancing!

Different bands played at all the different pubs around town for a small admission fee and the pastures were opened up for more dancing and partying.  It seemed as if everyone from the community came to spend time in the town square.

We also had a wonderful time with The Millers, they have been absolutely wonderful friends and welcomed us into their family during our time in Wimborne.  We met The Millers at The Lantern Church in Merley, which has been another highlight of our trip.

John, Mandy, Jessica & Jon

John, Mandy, Jessica & Jon


Here is a really short video that Jon made so you can see the folk dancing:

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