jon's favorite spot

Jon assumed his favorite spot on the balcony overlooking Agropoli before being picked up by his cousin Mafalda.  When Jon’s cousin arrived, we had to search deep to remember our basic Italian, because she spoke very little English.  But she did have the English radio station on for us.  Jon was in the front and I was in the back seat with her daughter Gulia.  We were cracking up because the language on the music was terrible.  The lyrics were so bad it would make a sailor blush!  So we were asking her if she understood the words, which of course she didn’t, they just liked the catchy beat.  We then tried to tell her very, very bad language.  Which resulted in all of us laughing.  It made me wonder how often I thought something was so beautiful in Italian and they were actually cursing!

When we arrived to his cousin’s home, we had a full Italian meal, with all the courses, antipasta, pasta, meat, vegetable, frommage, dessert and coffee.   Bless her, Mafalda must have spent hours in the kitchen!

Luckily Mafalda’s husband Antonio spoke English, so we had someone help us translate during lunch.  But I have to tell you level one of Rosetta Stone was very useful!  While I was doing the course I thought I would never use what I was learning.  It was random words and not helpful phrases, but I have used so much of it while in Italy so far.

After lunch Mafalda invited her parents & uncle over that are Jon’s grandfather’s first cousins.  With our little bit of Italian and Antonio’s help translating we had a great time filling in the family tree.  The funny part was everyone on Jon’s side is either named Giovanni (John) or Nicola (Nicholas), which made it a bit confusing!  Needless to say, there was so much love and excitement in the room.

We live thousands of miles apart, but today we are together in a family kitchen in Italy…one famiglia.

Jon & Antonio

Jon & Antonio


Amalia, Lucca & Antonio - Jon's grandfather's first cousins.

Amalia, Lucca & Antonio – Jon’s grandfather’s first cousins.

La Famiglia

La Famiglia

By far one of the most special moments of our trip!

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