We were in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg


Only one person guessed Luxembourg, way to go Alexis!  Switzerland was an obvious guess too, but Luxembourg has over 250 different banks in this small country and is known throughout the world for it’s banking and low taxes.  In Luxembourg there are also three official languages, French, German and Luxembourgish (a mix of French, German and Dutch).

We went to Luxembourg City for two days for a weekend getaway from Belgium.  Just the train ride there was beautiful, with the countryside of Belgium covered in a layer of snow.

Once we checked into our hotel in the city center, we walked the streets of old town.  The streets are incredibly charming, wide, cobblestone walk ways, between stone buildings, filled with high end shopping, from Cartier to Gucci.  The streets were clean and filled with Europeans shopping for all the January sales.

To warm up, we made a stop in the very chic Namur Confectioner shop.  You could choose any treat you wanted and then sit with a coffee, warm up, and enjoy the decadence of both the food and the decor.  A little bit of extravagance can go a long way for the spirit.  And we were soaking up every bit of it!  Everyone that worked in the shop was helpful and did their best to speak English.  Definitely a stop to make in Luxembourg.

Namur Confectioners

Collection of chocolates to choose from

After strolling the streets more, we made our way to visit St. Notre Dame.  Many of the cathedrals in Europe, simply feel large and a bit austere, although beautiful with intricate stained glass and frescos.  But St. Notre Dame felt incredibly peaceful.  It was lit with a warm glow of soft lights, the Christmas tree was still lit and sparkling with tinsel and choirs of angelic voices were playing quietly in the background.  A nice spot for quiet reflection or prayer.

To finish our first day we picked a restaurant that was reviewed by The Independent as being the best spot in Luxembourg for an authentic Luxembourg meal and we couldn’t agree more.  Um Dierfgen is located in the old city center near the square, Place Guillaume.

The local specialty in Luxembourg is, Judd mat Gaardebounen, pork neck with beans and potatoes, which Jon ordered and it was excellent.  I had the local vegetable soup with a warm chèvre salad, also delicious and filled with flavor.  Of course we also had to try local Luxembourg beers too!  The staff was attentive and friendly.  Our server was from Portugal, living in Luxembourg and spoke to us in English.  The number of languages that people speak here is incredible.  Overall, a perfect spot for a local feel and local food.  The portions are enormous, so go very hungry or order less.  I was uncomfortably full after just soup and salad!


Pork neck with beans & potatoes

Veggie soup

Diekirch (filtered) & Simon (unfiltered)
Luxembourg beers

As we walked out of the restaurant a light snow was falling.  It was incredibly romantic, walking hand-in-hand, through the cobblestone streets of Luxembourg.  We couldn’t be happier.

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