We are in Cavaliere, France


Cavaliere is in the region of Provence known not only for it’s lavender fields but also for it’s Rose’ wines.  The region is also known as Cote’d Azure, which means on the edge of the blue, since we are on the Mediterranean.  Cavaliere is less well known than it’s neighbor St. Tropez, but is a more quiet spot on the French Rivera.

We have landed in the lap of luxury at Chateau La Merienne with the most gracious, fun, hilarious British couple, Gail and Meyrick, as hosts.  I am in heaven since Gail loves Andrea Palladio, which happens to the be first style of architecture I fell in love with as a teenager.   Our first dinner together, we got to talk about all my loves, Palladio, Venice and fresco paintings.  Studying science and naturopathic medicine, you can imagine these were not conversations I was able to indulge in often!

If you known Jon, he has been working non-stop since the age of fourteen.  So quitting his job to travel, was an enormous change for him.  He has been doing remarkable well, but he is missing the challenge of management and operations.  So he has also landed in heaven, since Gail and Meyrick are interested in his hospitality expertise, for creating a high-end artist retreat and renting the chateau in the summer.

In other words, the Universe provided us with an amazing new spot, with fantastic new hosts.  Couldn’t be more happy that the Black Forest of Germany cancelled on us, things happen for a reason!

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