Trying to find the calm in the hushed countryside of Belgium


The anxiety is not completely gone, but I am working on it.  Jon of course is handling everything much better than I am, he says that it is because he expects very little, therefore is not disappointed.  I on the other hand, expect more.

We signed up to volunteer by painting in this small village, but we ended up with the task of cleaning.  While cleaning, in my head, I was completely rearranging the room, thinking of different colors to paint, how to display all the tchotzkes in a way that was more appealing to the eye, in another word decorate the joint!  I think I missed my calling. Sorry Rents, I know you said, never to be an interior designer, but I can’t help it!  At least I come by it honestly.

The biggest thing that was bothering me was the rectangular table in the center of the room with 3 chairs around it.  One big elaborate red chair, with a wooden farm chair next to it.  Across the table was an identical wooden farm chair.  I desperately wanted to put the two identical chairs next to each other.  But being that I am still stuck in my head, I was thinking: No Jessica, you are just here to volunteer, not as a design consultant.  Is this a control issue?  Hum, do I feel like I need to control this situation?  Again, too much internal chatter.  So when Jon said, “I can’t stand this anymore” and moved the two identical chairs next to each other.  I started cracking up!  “Thank God, it is not just me!”

In reality, I really just want to Feng Shui this joint, but just cleaning all the windows, to give a better look on life, will have to do!

The best part of our day was our walk in the countryside of Belgium.  We are worlds away from Paris.  We strolled, to all four corners of the village in less than 40 minutes.  There is not a single shop, restaurant, bar, or grocery store here.  But there is a salon, so if you want to get your hair done, you are in the right place!

Views from our walk

Village Castle

While walking, I was reminded of the advice from my life coach before I left.  He told me to make my entire trip my Sadhana, or personal spiritual practice.  In other words, every action can become it’s own prayer, it’s own meditation.  It looks like Belgium is going to give me the perfect opportunity to practice that.

Finding colors in the winter

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