Polignano di Mare, A Southern Italian Gem


There are certain places you visit in life that you connect with instantly.  You feel comfortable, safe, alive, joyful, excited.  You can’t help but walk around with the corners of your mouth turned up, in a continuous grin.  Your spirit feels renewed, you thoughts shift to let go of any stress or worry and you become completely present and absorbed in loving life.  For us this place is Polignano di Mare.

We have to thank Vito, a friend of a friend on facebook that recommended Polignano di Mare.  I doubt we would have discovered this coastal gem without his recommendation.  We arrived around mid-morning via train and just walked towards the general direction of the sea and old town.  Italian men were out working construction on the old buildings and  nonnas were leaning out their windows watching the passers-by below.


We were meandering through the buildings, with no set schedule, no agenda.  We were just out to explore for the day.  Each tiny walkway seemed like a  maze  leading to another precious street with more photo opportunities.  We were walking down a narrow cobblestone path and took a turn to the right and both of us paused and gasped.  The crisp breeze hit us in the face as we turned the corner.  There it was, the Adriatic Sea.  Blue water with glistening silver stars, bouncing off the water from the bright rays of the sun.  We had landed home, instantly recharged by mama ocean.


After soaking in the view of the cliffs over the Adriatic we decided to try and find the beach.  With some broken Italian we found our way, although the Italians did look at me like I was crazy for wanting to go to the beach in March!  We literally spent hours on the beach watching the waves roll in, crashing against the caves that hold homes above.


After a lunch break (2 fresh paninis for 3 Euros!) we headed to the rock formation just north of old town to get views of Polignano.  The sun was beating down, warming us up on a cool spring like day.  We spent hours talking about life and our dreams.  The entire day, was our day, in the most beautiful spot we have seen in Puglia.

Towards late afternoon we decided to travel to the next town, Monopoli and check it out.  We wandered around for about 45 minutes, before deciding to go back to Polignano because we loved it so much!  By evening we were enjoying a beer in the main piazza, watching boys play soccer in the center of the square.  Police were whistling at cars to move out of the piazza and giving people 10 minutes or so to respond before giving them tickets.  Couples were walking hand-in-hand as the sky began changing to a dark blue haze.  Babies were being fussed over by every friend that walked by.  Kisses from cheek to cheek were being shared.  Hands were flying in greetings to friends across the piazza.  By just observing and being in this place, you feel a bit Italian.

polignano at night

Enjoy the sounds of Polignano…

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