Places and People of Luxembourg


Our second day in Luxembourg we saw all the “must sees” for this city.

We began by walking down into the valley, where there is a park.  There are multiple levels to the park depending how far you want to walk back up!  It was covered in snow, quiet, with only a few dedicated runners out.  The pictures do not do it justice, but we also tried capturing it in the video too (see below).  The view from the top, there is a pedestrian walkway on the east side of the city and it is named, “Europe’s most beautiful balcony.”


The Grand Duke’s Palace

Luxembourg is the last Grand Dutchy in the world and the Duke’s Palace is in the middle of the old city on Rue de Marche aux Herbes.  The palace is from the 16th century and is mostly for business today, as apparently the Duke and his wife live most of the time in the countryside.

Le Brock

Le Brock is a massive rock that forms the east side of the city.  It is part of why the entire city of Luxembourg is a UNESCO World Heritage site, because it dates back to the Roman Empire.  It took us a while to find though, it is on the outskirts of the city off rue Large.

The Grund

Finally through some trial and error we found our way down to the Grund.  It is around rue Munster and down deep in the gorge.  There is a river running through the center, with renovated homes on either side.


The People

This is where the trip changed from typical must sees, to filling us with smiles.  By the time we made it down to The Grund, we were getting pretty cold and not much was open on Sunday.  We stumbled upon a single open pub, Oscar’s Bar and Kitchen, and found the most popular spot in town!  It was full of energy and full of people, we took two seats at the bar, because all the tables were full.  It is a U.K. family run business and every U.K. ex-patriot was in the restaurant.  It was a welcomed feeling to understand everything going on around us, because everyone was speaking English and joking around.  The burger was the most popular item, which Jon ordered and they even had a fresh homemade veggie burger on the menu!

When our burgers came out I asked for malt vinegar for my chips.  Maureen’s mouth fell open, “Vinegar.  You are English in your Soul.” with a smile and a wink.  She absolutely made my day.

We got to meet other Brits and Irishmen at the bar and talk about our travels.  The interesting thing is here people ask, Where.  Where have you been, where are you going?  Verses the Why, which was the common question in the States.

Within less than an hour we felt part of the family, part of the clan.  When we were paying our bill, we were asked to please come back.  Then walked to the door, with a kiss, kiss.  And wishes of good travels.

In Luxembourg, if you want to feel part of a family, be around people that make you laugh, enjoy fresh homemade food, then pull up a seat at the bar at Oscar’s Bar and Kitchen.

I have fallen absolutely in love with Luxembourg.  To me it was like a fairyland of old world style.  It was clean, safe, and all the people we met were wonderful.  I can’t wait to go back on another trip and to think it is best known for it’s beauty in the summer time!  I can’t even imagine it getting better than it is right now.

Here is the video Jon made to give you a better feel of the views:

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