Paris the Latin Quarter


It is wonderful having 9 days in Paris because we can leisurely explore each arrondissement.  We explored the 5th arrondissement, which is also known as, the Latin Quarter and the 6th arrondissement.  We started the day at Notre-Dame (are you picking up on a pattern here?) and walked down Boulevard Saint-Michel in order to go past the Sorbonne (which is the picture to the left).  The Sorbonne is one of the most famous universities in the world and part of the reason why the 5th arrondissement is called the Latin Quarter, because all the students and professors used to speak Latin.

From here the Jardin du Luxembourg is just a short walk away.  It is a classic French garden with urns, statues and formally laid out trees.  Our new favorite thing is “having a sit” in the gardens.

The Luxembourg Palace is now home to the French Senate, making it difficult to visit.  Making the gardens the main attraction.

Luxembourg Palace

Luxembourg garden


We continued wandering through the 6th arrondissement and happened upon St. Sulpice church on accident.  But you can’t miss it when you walk by, it is enormous!

St. Sulpice


The fountain in the square in front of the church is a beauty in itself.  The church was started in the 1600s and the fountain was built in the 1800s.

Fountain in front of St. Sulpice

The church that we were trying to find and is just a few blocks away from St. Sulpice, is St. Germain des Pres, the oldest church in Paris.  It dates back to the 6th century…yes 6th!  Meaning it is a 1500-year old building.  It is amazing that it is still standing strong, but also how beautiful the frescos still are on the walls.

St. Germain des Pres

St. Germain des Pres

Walking back towards the Seine, we came across Pont des Arts.  It is a wood walking bridge that has been taken over by locks.  The story is you lock a lock on the bridge and throw the key into the Seine, so your love is eternally locked into Paris.

Pont des Arts

And finally we made it into St. Chapelle, the famous stained glass window church.  As a note if you go here, it closes for lunch from 1-2:15pm.  We were in line the first time around noon and didn’t make it, so had to come back.  Also, you have to go through a security check point, like at the airport.  So make sure you don’t have a pocket knife with you, because they will take it.  This happened to the person in front of us.  We feel mixed whether it was worth the 8.50 Euros each to get it, but it sure is beautiful.

St. Chapelle

Stained glass in St. Chapelle


The goal was to end the day at Willi’s bar for a glass of wine, but it was closed and there were no hours of operation listed on the door.  So we ended up back at our studio apartment, having a 4 course meal (thank you Jennie for the wonderful cheese) with a smooth, yet complex in flavor, Grand Vin Bordeaux wine that we bought for a whooping 4.50 Euros.  Definitely a benefit of being so close to the best wine region in the world.  Cheers to you all!

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