Weekend in Italy

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We have been busy volunteering all weekend in Italy and we have had a lot of fun as well.  Our host threw a pizza party last night.  They have an authentic Italian pizza oven in their home and we had the most delicious varieties of pizza.  We had olive oil with sea salt & rosemary, walnuts with apple slices & blue cheese, capers with anchovies & mozzarella, tomato sauce with mozzarella & arugula, tomato sauce with yellow bell peppers and mozzarella, eggplant slices with mozzarella and the list goes on.

We have also been introduced to a special coffee of Puglia, the espressino.  It is the most delicious coffee we have ever tasted and it is a cross between a cappuccino and a latte in the States.  Apparently if you ask for it in other areas of Italy, they will not know what you are talking about.  If you happen upon Puglia in your travels, you have to try one!


Our volunteer work this weekend has been painting.  We were gifted with beautiful overalls to keep our clothes cleaner.  We are starting a new fashion trend.  We know you are totally jealous of how ridiculous we look!

jjin white

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